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Frat curls for hypertrophy!

Thought I would introduce myself. I stumbled upon this community while searching out interests in line with my favorite hormone(like you need a hint). My current goals are to slap on enough lbm to up my metabolism and cut down on the excess adipose I got. I guess you can say I finally bought into Professor X's idea of mass before cutting, even though I usually argue with him about it.

Currently I'm 235 somewhere in the high teens in bf% and following CT's renaissance training. Up till now I've been using strictly CW programs except for the first one I used was WSSB. Started lifting again last Septemeber after a long hiatus and have increase my main lifts by about 68% since starting up again. Not bad, considering. My current goals are mid-low teens bf%, bench of 250 and squat of 300+. I just passed my goals of Squat 250+ and Bench of 225(which I blew right past when I finally tested it) all one-rep max's.

I look forward to this community.
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